Symposium Fall 2020 – IDIES Short Talk Brice Menard

/ October 8, 2020/

October 23, 2020 @ 11:35 am – 11:55 am

Title – The Sequencer – how to reveal the main trend in your dataset?

Abstract – Scientists aim to extract simplicity from observations of the complex world. With data at hand, they look for trends but this process typically is more an art than a science. I will show how to think about this problem generically and present a new tool, the Sequencer (, which is able to automatically find trends in arbitrary datasets, without any training. I will then present some of its recent discoveries in astronomy and geology.

Bio – Brice Ménard, originally an astrophysicist, likes to think about new ways to extract information from datasets of all kinds. He is also interested in understanding the principles of Machine Learning with neural networks.

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