Symposium Winter 2021

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The 2021 MINDS Symposium on the Foundations of Data Science will be held on January 28, February 9 & February 10 virtually over Zoom.

Leading data science researchers will discuss the importance of data science in their fields and the continued need for advancement.

Confirmed Speakers

Morgane Austern: Microsoft Research New England

Luiz Chamon: University of Pennsylvania

Sarah Dean: UC Berkeley

Michał Dereziński: UC Berkeley

Mateo Díaz: Cornell University

Raaz Dwivedi: UC Berkeley

Wei Hu: Princeton University

Nicolas Loizou: Université de Montréal

Melanie Weber: Princeton University

Dana Yang: Duke University

Zhuoran Yang: Princeton University


TimeSpeakerAffiliationTitle of Presentation

Thursday January 28

Morgane Austern09:30-10:30 AM ESTMicrosoft Research New EnglandAsymptotics of learning on dependent and structured random objects
Michał Dereziński10:45-11:45 AM ESTUniversity of California, BerkeleyBridging algorithmic and statistical randomness in machine learning
Zhuoran Yang12:00-01:00 PM ESTPrinceton UniversityDemystifying (deep) reinforcement learning: the optimist, the pessimist, and their provable efficiency
Nicolas Loizou01:15-02:15 PM ESTUniversité de MontréalLarge-Scale Optimization for Machine Learning and Data Science
Dana Yang02:30-03:30 PM ESTDuke UniversitySharp thresholds for the recovery of hidden nearest neighbor graphs
Mateo Díaz03:45-04:45 PM ESTCornell UniversityComposite optimization for robust low-rank matrix recovery: good conditioning and rapid convergence
Melanie Weber05:00-05:45 PM ESTPrinceton UniversityGeometric Methods for Machine Learning and Optimization

Tuesday February 9

Luiz Chamon09:30-10:30 AM ESTUniversity of PennsylvaniaLearning under requirements
Wei Hu10:45-11:45 AM ESTPrinceton UniversityOpening the Black Box: Towards Theoretical Understanding of Deep Learning
Raaz Dwivedi12:00-01:00 PM ESTUC BerkeleySubgroup discovery in randomized experiments and non-asymptotic results for MCMC sampling

Wednesday February 10

Sarah Dean11:00 AM -12:00 PM ESTUC BerkeleyReliable Machine Learning in Feedback Systems

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